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Team Henselite Neil Smith Neil Smith
"I really like the slim profile of the Henselite bowl, I find the Tiger PRO ideal for indoors on most surfaces."
State: Swindon
Birth Date: 28 July 1966
Country of Birth: England
Club: Westlecot Bowls Club
Bowl Used: Tiger PRO 3HW

Why do you use this bowl?

Recently I've gone down to a size 3, I feel really confident in the grip, indoors when sometimes it can be very hot and outdoors when wet, the bowl has to feel good in your hand, the Henselite Tiger PRO definitely does that.


Career Goals:

Even at my age I still feel indoors I have so much to offer, I'm a very confident player and always think I can win any game I play.  My goals are to keep winning Tournaments and keep playing well. Keep knocking on the National Champion door.


Career Highlights:

Qualifying with my daughter Katy in the World Indoor pairs is still a very special moment I will never forget.Winning the OSC Grand Final, I still can't believe I managed to do this, it's an amazing weekend, always so tough to win, but to organise the event and win it was something incredible, my last bowl in the Final to beat James Rippey will never be forgotten.  Other special moments that everyone that knows me will realise these mean more to me than anything I have achieved is seeing my daughters Lucy & Katy win the Indoor National Pairs and follow it up winning the Outdoor National Pairs this year, they currently hold both titles at the same time, (until the re-scheduled Indoor National finals are played), The Indoor British Isles Pairs win followed. A truly great achievement for 2 girls so young.



Playing for England v Wales at Stanley Test Match.

OSC Grand Final Champion.

OSC Tournament Wins at Dolphin, Five Rivers, Ipswich, Barwell, Desborough.

WBT Qualification:

World Singles

World Pairs twice

Scottish Open

Welsh Open

International Open

National Finals:

Liberty Trophy Winner.

Runner-Up National Singles, Champion of Champions, Mixed Fours, Triples.


What would you do if you weren't bowling?

I would have loved to been a Pro Golfer, (Although 14 h/cap not nearly good enough) but I love playing and would definitely play a lot more if I could

Neil Smith