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Team Henselite Mathew Orrey Mathew Orrey
"Henselite is the most prestigious brand in the game who offer quality equipment which is simply the best. I'm honored to be supported by Henselite"
State: Lincolnshire
Birth Date: 9 September 1988
Country of Birth: England
Club: Spalding IBC & Grantham BC
Bowl Used: Tiger/Tiger EVO/Tiger PRO/Tiger II

Why do you use this bowl?

I personally swap bowls between these models according to the conditions to help me achieve the most consistent draw to the jack and to allow me to play other shots needed when playing at Skip. The Ergo profile and Mega Grip combined provide a great feel to the bowl in the hand. I generally use the Tiger or Tiger Evo models on slower greens and the Tiger Pro or Tiger II models on faster greens.


Career Goals:

I strive to win more national and british isles titles, represent England at the highest level and hope to achieve WBT Top 16 ranking status or a WBT tournament win.


Career Highlights:

Making last eight of 2016 World Indoor Singles

Winning a British Isles Title and multiple National Titles.

Playing for England in a televised Test Match



Quarter-Final World Indoor Singles 2016

Winner British Isles Fours 2019

Winner National Fours 2018

Winner National Mixed Fours 2018 & 2020

Winner EIBA Premier 3s 2014

Winner National U25 County DR 2007, 2013

Runner-up National Champion of Champions 2008

Runner-up Outdoor National Pairs 2014

England U25 International 2009-2013

England Senior International 2016-2017


What would you do if you weren't bowling?

Spend more time with family and play other sports regularly such as Golf and Snooker. 

Mathew Orrey