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Team Henselite Martin McHugh Martin McHugh
"Really honoured and privileged to play with Henselite bowls and to be part of Team Henselite"
State: Carrick
Birth Date: 14 May 1973
Country of Birth: Northern Ireland
Club: Whitehead BC
Bowl Used: Classic TRL 4H

Why do you use this bowl?

Best bowl about and fits great in my hand


Career Goals:

Win world outdoor singles


Career Highlights:

Winning gold medal at 1998 Commonwealth Games



33 NIBA Titles

17 IBA Titles

PGL Pairs Title

Gold medal Commonwealth Games 1998

Silver medal Commonwealth Games 2002

Bronze medal World Outdoor Championships 2000

x2 Bronze medals Atlantic Rim Championships 2015

What would you do if you weren't bowling?  
Martin McHugh