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Team Henselite Liam McHugh Liam McHugh
"Have used Henselite bowls most of my bowling career with great success in shortmat and outdoor bowls."
State: County Tyrone
Birth Date: 3 May 1964
Country of Birth: Northern Ireland
Club: Steelweld SBC & Cookstown BC
Bowl Used: Supergrip 5H

Why do you use this bowl?

Bowl feels comfortable in my hand.


Career Goals:

To win another Irish title.


Career Highlights:

Winning World Triples with my two brothers.



National Outdoor Pairs Winner

National Outdoor Fours Winner

World Shortmat Triples Winner

x8 Irish Shortmat Titles

x5 British Isles Shortmat Titles

x5 Champion of Champions Shortmat Titles

x9 Inter Zone Shortmat Titles

x6 All Ireland Shortmat Club Titles




What would you do if you weren't bowling?

Watching any team sports.

Liam McHugh