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Team Henselite Garry Hood Garry Hood
"I've used Henselite bowls all my life as I like the feel of the bowl in my hand and I can use my Classic II bowls all year round so no changing bowls with the seasons."
State: Scotland
Birth Date: 30 June 1961
Country of Birth: Scotland
Club: Ayr Craigie BC & Ayr IBC
Bowl Used: Classic II

Why do you use this bowl? The feel of the bowl in my hand and the true line you can consistently achieve on indoor and outdoor surfaces.


Career Goals: To represent Scotland again, albeit in Para Bowling, after serious illness which has left me unable to walk without a crutch for support.  I joined the Para Bowls programme and worked hard at finding a way to deliver a bowl again, albeit using a crutch and arm support.  It would be a dream come true for me to get a crack at the 2022 Commonwealth Games or a World Championships.


Career Highlights: Being selected to represent Scotland, as selection is based on a high level of consistency over several games.  Representing Scotland in the 1994 Commonwealth Games.


Achievements: Winner National Indoor Triples 1983

Winner National Outdoor Triples 1995

Winner British Outdoor Triples 1996

Scotland Outdoor Internationalist 1986-1996

Scotland Indoor Internationalist 1988

What would you do if you weren't bowling? Always wanted to be a footballer (don't we all) but was not good enough, although I did always manage a game in my younger days.  
Garry Hood