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Team Henselite David Peacock David Peacock
"Henselite bowls and equipment have a tremendous worldwide reputation and in my opinion are second to none"
State: Midlothian
Birth Date: 30 January 1970
Country of Birth: Scotland
Club: Danderhall BC/Midlothian IBC
Bowl Used: Tiger 4HW

Why do you use this bowl?

Fits superbly in my hand and can be used on any outdoor green in the UK


Career Goals:

 To still be playing at the highlest level for years to come


Career Highlights:

Retaining world triples title in New Zealand in 2008 and also winning my first Gold medal at home in Ayr 2004.



High Performance Coach 2022 Commonwealth Games

2014 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Fours

World Outdoor Triples Gold Medalist 2004

Leonard Trophy Gold Medalist 2004

World Outdoor Triples Gold Medalist 2008

Multiple National Indoor Title Winner

Outdoor internationalist 1993-present

Indoor internationalist 1992-2005


What would you do if you weren't bowling?

Spending time with family and playing more golf

David Peacock