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Welcome again to the (monthly) edition of the coaching column titled ‘…On Line Delivery’ on Henselite’s website. This month let’s look at what you know, or, what you should know (from your events).

Everyone from club bowler to world champion should, has, to do this.
I read a book last Xmas about world champions and I reckon the ingredients apply to you bowlers prepared to persist and further your skill; the ingredients
- balance in life; motivation; confidence; enjoyment breeds success; strong basic skill; set goals; positives; preparation and hard work; skills and standards; thinking ahead.
A winners menu.

Plans and Debriefs

• What did you do well compared to the goals / plans and plans you set yourself
• What aspects of the strategy objectives did you fall down on, need strengthening
• How could we improve on the performance you gave at the recent games?
• What was the BEST aspect of your performance at the recent games?
• What was the BEST part of your game plan?
• Why did you win / lose
• What tactics / skills were successful, and, which were inadequate
• What mental skills were successful, and, which were inadequate
• Explain what placed you under pressure?

…know exactly your goal and game plan, every time!!!


To conclude, enjoy this experience of playing for big stakes, it is something only you as the player can revel in, and only you can say (when the win is a big win)…..I was there. And, as you are there, why not win it, too
Next month I will suggest what you NEED
Enjoy the read.

Lachlan Tighe, 2009