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Team Henselite Neil Smith Neil Smith
State: Swindon
Birth Date: 28 July 1966
Country of Birth: England
Club: Westlecot Indoor & Wootton Bassett Outdoor
Bowl Used: Tiger Pro Indoor 4HW Tiger Slower Greens Indoor and Outdoor
Why do you use this bowl? I really like the slim profile of the Henselite bowl, I find the Pro ideal for indoors on most surfaces.
Carrer Goals Having played for England in the recent Wales Test Match I now want to play in the International Series in March, I have been reserve for 2 years so I feel very positive I will get in this season.
Career Highlights Playing at Potters in the World Singles and Pairs with my daughter Katy.
Achievements Capped for England in September 2015 in Test Match against Wales
Southamton Open Singles Champion 2015
Open Singles Circuit Grand Final R/U 2015
National Triples R/U 2013
National Singles R/U 2013
Qualified several times for all the WBT events
What would you do if you weren't bowling?  
Neil Smith