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Team Henselite Craig Mackintosh Craig Mackintosh
"Henselite for me is the leader in all aspects of bowls, clothing and equipment. The quality of all the products I've had over the years has been amazing and the Tiger bowl for me has always been perfect."
State: Edinburgh
Birth Date: 23 August 2000
Country of Birth: Scotland
Club: London Road Foundry BC & Bainfield IBC
Bowl Used: Tiger 3HW

Why do you use this bowl?

Feel it gives most consistent line and looking at the current top players in UK its the one of the most used and successful bowls.


Career Goals:

Hopefully break into the Scotland U25 team and qualify for national finals.


Career Highlights:

Representing Scotland in the U18 British Isles singles and winning any U25 competition with my county.



Winner National Outdoor U17 Singles 

Runner-up British Isles U18 Singles

Winner British Isles U18 Triples

Scotland U17 & U18 caps (indoor & outdoor)


What would you do if you weren't bowling?

Play more golf and try and get a handicap!

Craig Mackintosh