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News Team Henselite Brett triumphs at Scottish International Open
December 3, 2013

Henselite UK sponsored player Nick Brett saw a dream come true as he won his first ever World Bowls Tour title after beating Henselite stablemate Paul Foster of Scotland in the final of the Scottish International Open.  Both players used the Henselite Tiger bowl in a cracking final that went the full distance before Englishman Brett emerged victorious on the best of 3 end tie-break.

When asked what the win meant Brett said “It’s a dream come true. For about 10-12 years I have dreamed of winning a World Class World Bowls Tour title. I know I’m in the top sixteen but I didn’t want to become a player who never won a title, just look at Colin Montgomery, good player, World Class player but never won a major and I didn’t want to be that sort of player.”

“I just go out and try to prove to myself how good I can be. I don’t worry about what other people think or say, it’s myself I want to prove things too. I know I don’t play the norm game, I play it my way, and people say I’m at my most dangerous when I’m down,” said the jubilant Brett. He even managed to delight the crowds by doing a cartwheel down the rink to collect his trophy.

The event was another huge success for the Henselite Tiger model with seven of the eight players who all made it through to the quarter-final stage all using the bowl.


Brett triumphs at Scottish International Open